Manchester United legends vloging along with K9WIN

Best Defending Skills


Time When Nemanja Vidic Was The Best Defender In The World

Vidic was a beast. Put his body on the line so many times. Wore the badge with pride, very humble. Just an all round legend. Plus his transfer was cheap as chips. He’d be priceless in today’s market.. This beast would have gladly murder somebody for MUTD free of charge, you wont find this kind of heart for the badge anymore.

But Vidic Was A BEAST!


Van Dijk Is Good…

Exactly. I’ve been saying this for years now, people always think that the players and teams today are better than those of the past, which is not true. Comparing Liverpool to United 1999 is a disrespect to that team which had the likes of Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Beckham…

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